Wednesday 6 December 2023

New Philip Joseph Rae Single- 'She's Animal' Released 08/11/23

Presenting ‘She’s Animal’, the third single from Phillip Joseph Rae’s eagerly anticipated debut album. Following on from the success of previous singles ‘Three Drunken Brothers’ and ‘Sun Keeps Rising’ (including support from BBC Scotland’s Roddy Hart and a full-page feature in The Sunday Times), ‘She’s Animal’ is the third chapter from Phil’s astonishing story. 

With ‘She’s Animal’ Rae explores themes of love and fear imagined as a Beast beside us, traversing claustrophobic urban landscapes by way of the sun doused Laurel Canyon kitchen of Graham Nash and Joni Mitchell. It talks of inner struggles with Anxiety, Heartbreak and Fear but ultimately settles on compassion for others and oneself with a call to all those broken that love is there when you need it most.