Sunday 18 October 2020

Philip Joseph Rae - 'Three Drunken Brothers' Debut single and video release.


Release date: 19/10/20
Originally written by Rae in 2005 and finally immortalised to tape by Iglomat's David Jack earlier this year, 'Three Drunken Brothers' is a euphoric exploration of three brothers struggling to cope with the fall out of a strict Mormon upbringing. Plagued by mental health issues and fierce intelligence, they turned to alcohol to deal with their inner demons and unite them in their shared trauma. Though tragically on the night of 22nd March 2008, the middle brother died of a methadone overdose and the song’s themes of darkness and coming undone, took on a new lamenting, prophetic edge.

Once described by Mark Ronson as having "The sound of a true Troubadour" Philip Joseph Rae is a Singer/Songwriter from the North East of Scotland. Channeling imagery from a youth spent amongst gorse, birch, fern and pine, He explores themes of love, mental health, Mormonism and grief and is as comfortable narrating an upbeat electro/pop floor filler as he is intimately lamenting the death of a loved one.
Rae has also had a brush with the Mercury Music Prize when Corrine Bailey Rae’s sophomore album ‘The Sea’ , on which he has a writing credit for the song ‘I’d like to call it beauty’ was nominated in 2010.