Friday 14 August 2020

Something new coming soon!

OH CAPTAIN is a new Transatlantic project from Minnesotan Mark Lange (Tiger, Tiger) and Fifer Kevin Lynch (cruiser). Mark is a prolific solo musician, vocalist and graphic designer who has worked on projects with DJ Luke Solomon. Kevinhas an extensive history as road crew and production for Slowdive and Adorable,as well as studio work with Mogwai and Snow Patrol.

Mark and Kevin first worked together on BBC Radio 1 Record of the Week, cruiser’s “a gentle press”, and later with a follow up, Super National’s “Meds To Get Over.” Over the years it seemed inevitable that they should work on a dedicated project of album length. That time has now come and to date, OH CAPTAIN have completed six tracks, all produced by the awesomely talented texture freak, David Jack (Iglomat).

OH CAPTAIN are on a journey through their eclectic tastes in alternative pop, electronica, and guitar noise. Embracing the digital future, each track will be released separately as a single and video in the coming months. Please keep all hailing frequencies open.

'Step Aside' will be available to stream and download from all your usual services from the 5th October.

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