Saturday 17 June 2017

Iglomat 'Nylon Hook'

New Iglomat single: KFM 072 'Nylon Hook'

Following a whole lot of late-nights, epic file transfers and serious Skype jams, Scots-American shape-shifters Iglomat are back with their fourth full length work, the poignantly titled The Man Made Man. Like a transatlantic Ghidora, the three heads of Iglomat operate across timezones and area codes to concoct a heady brew of post-rock inflected electronics. 
Lead single Nylon Hook sets the tone for a looser, organic sound that relies less on found samples and more on live sounds (these boys and girls are no slouches when it comes to playing actual instruments). The lilting acoustic guitar intro merges into a spooky moog pattern, before an explosion of skittering trap drums, wailing guitar (or is it synth?) and some dusty French vocal samples, all making for a gloriously beautiful mess of music.