Monday 2 November 2015

Following their acclaimed composition for Walid Salhab’s short The Kelpies, transatlantic post-rockists Iglomat are back with Jen 68, a melancholic ode to being young, free and out there.
 As ever with the Iglomat crew, the track is a product of late nights and early mornings, heavy file transfers and even heavier Skype jams. While some songs from the recent album ’iii’ have seen the introduction of lyrics, Jen 68 is an evocative instrumental collage built around stuttering beats, cut-up samples and plaintive guitar – augmented this time round by the spooky-beautiful piano skills of Jennifer Austin (Wildings, Rachel Sermanni).
 Shot, edited and directed by fast-rising Essex-based filmmaker, Angus Burgess (who also makes a fleeting, piggy-backed cameo appearance) the accompanying video is a lazy, hazy tale of teenage dreams and distant memories of summers past.

 Play it loud, at sunset, in your mom’s station wagon.